Sophocles ' The First Of The Greek Tragedy Essay

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The first European dramatist Aeschylus is one of three legendary ancient Greek writers, who specialize in Greek tragedy. Joining him are legend’s Sophocles and Euripides. These men framed what societies called theater into what is it today by reconstructing the ways Greeks viewed theater. Aeschylus essentially learned to express the meaning of his plays through experience and creativity. He was a man who’s main purpose was to produce the correlation of man and the many gods the Greek’s believed in [4].
Aeschylus was born into a noble and wealthy family in 525 B.C, and lived in Eleusis, Greece. Growing up and working in a vineyard inspired him to utilize his capabilities and participate in writing tragedies in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine, theater and revelry. [1] Aeschylus believed that he saw Dionysus with a blade in his dream, and that direct “his attention to tragic art [2]”. Aeschylus won first prize in multiple times with his expressive and new way of writing tragedies. Although he won first prize multiple times in writing tragedy plays throughout the annual competitions held in Athens, it took him fifteen years to receive his very first award because he was relived after his rival Phrynichus died. I believe because of the invasion of the Persians during the Persian War, seeing the Greeks suffering and also being a soldier fighting in the battles of Artemisia, Salamis and Plataea [3] allowed Aeschylus to be inspired to take his writing skills to another level.…

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