Essay on Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles

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An Analysis of Antigone by Sophocles The classical play, Antigone, by Greek playwright Sophocles is a testament to issues of morality that have plagued leaders throughout time. In his play, Sophocles comments on issues of death, revenge, kinship, and even remorse. The heavy tone that accompanies this tragedy truly gives readers a sense of depth behind each controversial action in the play. In general, Sophocles defined the quality of each characters through their actions and their reactions. The dynamics between characters such as Antigone and Kreon allows us to view these issues through the extremes of each side’s perspective. While the character’s actions derive conflict, their individual reactions and commentary are the main tool that Sophocles uses to appeal to the reader’s emotion. In his play, Sophocles pits the characters of Antigone and Kreon against each other in a dire conflict where no one person was willing to concede. While it may seem that the line between just and unjust is rather apparent throughout the play, there is more behind righteousness and necessity than what’s on the surface. In my personal opinion, Kreon’s story evoked more sympathy by the end of the play. Both characters are victims to the cruel work of fate, but there is something more inherently genuine in Kreon’s loss. Unlike Antigone, Kreon is more relatable in the sense that he had to come off his “pedestal” and admit fault. Whereas Antigone was a definite voice of morality, Kreon’s logic was…

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