Song Of Myself Poem Analysis

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The greatest accomplishment of Walt Whitman is his famous poem collection, “Leaves of Grass”. With its uprising popularity in the 19th century until now, explains and teaches life lessons of the universe and how nature and society should coincide together and be one. The poem “Song of Myself” was one of the twelve poems that were unnamed in his first edition that was printed in 1855. The poem was given the name “A Poem of Walt Whitman, an American” in 1856, and later changed to “Walt Whitman” in 1860. Finally 1881, it was named its final name, as of today, “Song of Myself” to show the evolution and significance of the poem. In the poem, he uses the events and things he has heard of as he explains his take on life and its wonders. He combines the ideals of all things, society, and animals through relationships made.

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