Essay on Solving The Global Population Growth

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In order to comprehensively answer the question of how to stabilize the global population growth, population growth itself, must be clearly defined and understood. Population in statistics, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is a totality of objects or individuals under consideration, of which the statistical attributes may be estimated by the study of a sample or samples drawn from it. Growth according to the Oxford English Dictionary is the action, process or manner of growing. Therefore, corresponding to the two definitions, population growth is the increase of the totality of individuals under consideration (which in this case are humans on earth, within countries).
In order to determine solutions to stabilizing population growth, developing an understanding as to why it is a problem at all, is also required. Increasing population growth, in turn, increases the demand on basic resources, the majority of them being natural and time dependent. Moreover, the increase in population means that the demand on production and distribution of these basic resources must be met in order to sustain the new population. Currently, the number of non-renewable resources are dwindling, and developing and adopting alternative sources is proving to be problematic. Additionally, even renewable resource production such as livestock and wood, are unable to satisfy the current demands, let alone the demands that the larger population imposes. Furthermore, this increases the impact that…

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