Solvay Pharmaceuticals: Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The first company, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, employs 10,000 people worldwide and HQ is based in Brussels. Costs of bringing new drugs to the market have grown to where Solvay’s cost of clinical trials through suppliers had become to expensive. Using multiple suppliers through a competitive bidding process a supplier would be chosen for the clinical trials of the new drug. Executives believed that results and efficiency would be greater is through one partner. Quintiles was chosen supplier to be this one partner.
Quintiles, a biopharmaceutical company based out of North Carolina, employees 23,000 people in 50 countries, and was the best supplier for clinical trials for Solvay. The came to a 5-year agreement with mutual benefits written out. This worked out well for both parties so when the renewal came up in 2006 they both made the move from partnership to a true alliance to leverage each other’s strengths. Problems began to arise and had to be overcome. These problems consisted
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Likewise there are also departments within Assurion dealing with Verizon phones coming to Assurion. If these department would work together at sharing best practices and joining certain departments to work in alliance so the benefits could arise for both companies.

Diagrams of strategic alliance map and scorecard on next two pages.

Strategic Value Map shared between Verizon Wireless and Assurion Insurance Company

*Wins for Verizon Wireless: Increase subscribers and customer satisfaction | *Wins for Assurion: Increase stream of subscribers and operational expenses | | Value for Both | Stakeholders Outcome | Improve on customer value | Improve Operational Expense | Better Shareholders value |  |  |  |  | |  |  |  | Customer Value | Lower Insurance Costs for Service | Less defects in phone due to better testing | Receive devices sooner from better shipping |  | | | | | Operational and Cost Improvements | Business Process | Better testing | Reduced repeated actions on phones | Send shipments faster for Both |  | | | | | Employee and Organization Success

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