Solution Focused vs Family Therapy in Working with Case of George

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This paper uses the application, concepts and techniques from The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and The Satir Model under Family Therapy in working with the case study of George.

Presenting Issues: • Marital problem due to disagreement regarding whether or not to have a child. This has led to a number of arguments. • Lack of effective communication in the marriage. • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem : feeling of hopelessness, “not being good enough” and “not worthy” • Disappointed with himself. • Becoming more irritable with people especially in social situations. • Having mood swings.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is one of the more recently
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On a scale of 1 to 10, George rates his own progress on how far he has improved sine the first session. According to Connie and Metcalf (2009), the scaling questions allow the client and therapist to have a conversation based upon the client’s assessment of the progress. Also, this allows client to track progress between sessions.
The therapist will talk with George to discuss what still needs to be done before he feels that the problems are adequately solved and how ready George feels about terminating the therapy.

SFBT model envisions therapy as a collaborative, client-centered endeavor in which “clients, not therapists, identify the goals to be accomplished” (O’ Hanlon & Wiener-Davis, 1989) and clients have the inner resources to find their own solutions. The strength approached is a contrast to the typical “therapist is the expert” belief. Instead of being told by the therapist on what he needs to change, George directs the therapeutic process by determining the goal and outcome of the sessions. Being able to find solutions to his problems can also help to raise George self-esteem.

By exploring in a solution-focused perspective, George is allowed to think about the possible scenarios that may work for him instead of always dwelling on the same problems. The therapist and

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