Solar Energy Engineering Essay

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into making panels tiny, ascetically pleasing, and efficient would be well worth the resources since it would result in a larger market for sales. Additionally, the use of nanotechnology could potentially be integrated with photovoltaic cells to vastly increase their efficiency. For instance, according to the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering a team of engineers has been working on a film which has the potential to catch greater than 90 percent of the light that is available. If successful, their idea would greatly increase solar energy 's competitiveness and allow it to flourish in both consumer and industrial markets. Greater mass production of solar panels would also enable them to thrive because it could reduce the overall prices of the technology which would result in more people investing.
Technical Barriers to the Expansion of Wind Energy While wind energy has the potential to blow away its competition, it has several technical hindrances which it must first overcome before it will be widely implemented. One such technical impediment is the widespread misconception that wind turbines kill copious amounts of birds. Numerous birds have met their end at the hands of wind turbines when they accidentally collide with the deadly blades rotating rapidly through the air at 80 meters per second. For instance, Duke Renewable Energy was prosecuted by the federal government for the deaths of 163 birds with included 14 golden eagles. The spinning of the wind turbine blades…

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