Socrates 's Views On Rhetoric Essay

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Socrates as one of the founders of Western philosophy opened a new chapter for the humankind. He considers rhetoric as a form of deception which only casually informs people for the sake of arguing for egotistical motives. He initially has started questioning almost everything around him and was looking for logical answers. So, as a person, who believed in the reasons he did not want to accept any position without a thought.

Socrates believed that the art of rhetoric does not require lots of research and in-depth knowledge. People, who are not a subject matter expert, write and speak based on rhetoric. He argued that in a sense rhetorician does not have the knowledge required for virtue. Criticizing rhetoricians, he explained that it is not virtuous in what they do and viewed this as of their lack of knowledge.

While Socrates was challenging philosophies and ideas, and he was promoting debates, but his interlocutors instead rely on a talent for convincing people not only by reasoning from knowledge or truth, but they focused on what people want to hear. He argues that telling people what they want to hear will mostly benefit the individual in the short term, in particular, those he initiates and build on these debates, but the truth will be compromised with a consequence of long-term.

Socrates strongly believed in morals. He has never wished to suffer injustice and to commit injustice but preferred to suffer injustice than to commit injustice. He declared that it is…

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