Socrates, The Most Brilliant Man Of His Time Essays

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It is a common belief that Socrates is one of the most brilliant people of his time. What people do not realize is that the only thing that Socrates really knew was that he knew nothing. Socrates did not always have the answer, in fact he rarely did. He was simply able to disprove the theories of many other “wise” men of his time. Socrates was always “ready to question the rich and the poor if … [they are] willing to answer …questions and listen”, which led to him making more than a few enemies throughout his unusually lengthy life. It is understandable that people would be upset with Socrates for not only publically humiliating them, but also the fact that he would prove they were wrong, and he was not, in many cases, capable of supplying a correct answer. Socrates created many enemies throughout his life and very few of them really understood what Socrates stood for. Like Socrates, Bernie Sanders does not quite fit in with his peers. Sanders is a democratic socialist running for president of the United States in the 2016 election. Because of his stance on political policies and the fact that he uses the word “socialist” in his title, many Americans are strongly against Sanders becoming president. He is making a name for himself by standing up for what he believes in and like Socrates, was open to the ideas of others. Sanders is willing to learn from the successes of other countries. Sanders character makes him a prime example of a modern day Socrates.
Socrates had an…

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