Socrates' Crito Essays

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The whole of the dialogue takes place at Socrates’ prison cell, where he awaits his execution just days away. It started with Socrates waking up and finding his friend and loyal disciple Crito there. When Socrates asked how Crito got inside the prison at that early an hour, Crito told him that he simply knows the guard and has done the guard some favor. Crito then informed Socrates that the ship from Delos has already come in and tomorrow will be his execution. Socrates then told Crito about a dream he had, a woman on a white cloak saying that the ship will not be there till tomorrow thus his execution to be delayed for a day. Crito does not allow Socrates to elaborate the meaning of the dream rather; he told Socrates that he arrived that …show more content…
For matters of convenience, I would talk first about the third argument of Crito. For the second argument would take up a lot more part of the paper and would be it’s main argument. Secondly, the welfare of his children would be at risk, that they would have no father to grow up to, “no man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nurture and education.” (Crito: 45d) Crito tried to persuade Socrates by telling him that without him, the future of his children is a whole lot dimmer, that they have to pass through the trials of being an orphan and he says that if they do, it would be of little thanks to him. Socrates also answered this when he was representing the government or the society, “For he who is the corrupter of the laws is more than likely to be corrupter of the young and foolish portion of mankind.” (Crito: 53c) Although this does not necessarily translate to his children, it can still be loosely connected to it, as how can one be a good father if he corrupts the mid of young men, more so his kids. Though this quote may find friction to the theory I said earlier that with loose virtues, one could still support the institution even if one goes through it, thereby disrespecting it in a way. But as the word “likely” would suggest, there is the chance that one who corrupts a

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