Sociology : A Sociological Imagination Essay

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A “sociological imagination” is the mindset that all sociologists must maintain as the sociologists objectively interpret and dissect the social institutions and institutionalized messages which form the cultural values, beliefs, and norms of the society (Massey, p. 15). Humans naturally develop biases after exposure to different social institutions like church, school, and family. Through these institutions, a person develops their moral compass which is ever evolving as a person matriculates throughout their life and is exposed to varying ideals and values. As a sociologist, a person has to interpret the symbols that are in front of them; a sociologist is not allowed to use a selective consciousness. For example, a sociologist may be an atheist, yet the sociologist is interested in studying the effect of the presence of Southern Baptist churches on the development of the economy of local communities. When interpreting research data gathered through the sociological scientific method, the sociologist cannot automatically discount their findings in favor of their atheist beliefs. Sociologist Peter L. Berger mentions that “sociological insights have served in a number of instances to improve the lot of groups of human beings by uncovering morally shocking conditions or by clearing away collective illusions or by showing that socially desired results could be obtained in more humane fashion” (Massey, p. 3). Sociologists have a social responsibility to the members of society.…

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