Sociological Theories Regarding The Stratification Of Consumption

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Cultural tastes differ from person to person, however, it has been the aim of many sociologists to try and identify a pattern or trend between cultural tastes means of social stratification, such as class. Cultural tastes can span a wide range of different activities and products, such as art, literature, and dance. However, music is most suited for the purposes of this essay as it has been widely studied and allows us to see a wide range of contrasting alternatives in the context of class (Peterson & Kern, 1996). In addition to this, the notion of different social classes and what is meant by a social class will be lightly discussed to give some background understanding of what is referred to in this essay. However, the focus of this essay will be on the discussion of different sociological theories regarding the stratification of consumption, with attention being given to the elite/mass and the omnivore/univore. These theories will help us to come to a conclusion upon the ways in which cultural tastes of people from different social classes may differ.
Before discussing the cultural tastes of people from different social classes, we must create a clear understanding of what is meant by social class. This is due to the apparent use of the terms social class and social status interchangeably within many of the research examples within this essay, this is because of their complex relationship, which leads them to shape and define each other, and often being hard to…

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