Essay On Transracial Identity

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We live in a society that has evolved into understanding that although humans come in all shapes, color, types, and sizes and are born with chromosomes that shows who they are, however, a pattern of discontent has occurred, gender and race no longer follow the same genetic pattern. Human are no longer identifying as male or female, they are choosing who they want to be. Race no longer identifies humans; they are adopting the cultural experiences of other races as an open and honest way of saying this is who I am. One striking contrast between gender and race centers around the question of whether these concepts refer to any real biological difference between people. Most observers are more inclined to consider gender real, based in the underlying …show more content…
After all this was not a surgical change, but a personal one, she willingly chose this transracial identity and it suited her needs at that time. She did not genetically alter her appearance; she could unmask herself at any time.
Transracial identity is a concept that allows white people to indulge in blackness as a commodity, without having to engage with every facet of what being black entails, discrimination, marginalization, oppression, and so on. It plays into racial stereotypes, and perpetuates the false idea that it is possible to “feel” a race.
However, if an individual chose to genetically change their physical appearance, their biological male and female marker are still present in the human genes, but once the transformation has occurred there is no going back, so once again there is no comparison to race and gender, similar to Bruce Jenner, a gold medalist in the 1976 Olympic Games, was born on October 28, 1949, served as an army veteran grew up in Mt. Kisco as a male however, he choose to genetically transform himself into his alter ego Caitlyn Jenner Although she is perceived to be female but considering his genetic marker he is still a father and

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