Essay on Socioeconomic Status And Adolescent Health

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Socioeconomic Status and Adolescent Health Socioeconomic status has been correlated in all aspects of adolescent health despite gender/race differences. Researchers have found that a relationship between income and health does exist. And that socioeconomic status plays a key role in adolescent risk behaviors. Mental health and wellbeing has also shown to be affected by income, but other factors are included to show positive correlation. Based on socioeconomic status, are adolescents more at risk to their health and wellbeing, and is there a correlation between socioeconomic status and more violent risk behaviors among adolescents. As we know, socioeconomic status has a profound impact on our lives. Socioeconomic status has been contributed to play a major factor with stress. According to Rosenfeld (2013), “the experience of stress is a subjective response on the part of an individual as a result of exposure to certain social experiences and environments.” A person belonging to the lower class has been associated with have more stress and not having the adequate amount of resource to cope with that stress. The lower class has also shown that they are associated with more chronic stress. Chronic stress and greatly affect a person mental health, including that of children. Children of low socioeconomic status are subjected to greater amounts of stress and are the least best equipped to deal with it. Children, especially in the lower class, have not required the coping…

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