Socio Economic Class : An Important Factor That Influences A Child 's Educational Success

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Socio-economic class is an important factor that influences a child’s educational success. In spite of numerous policies to permit a child’s right to the highest quality of education, aspects such as social class, background and access to knowledge are extremely significant on a child’s development and educational achievement. In this paper, I will examine how social class, background, and access to knowledge influence a student’s achievement to show education is a complex issue.
Socio-economic class is the idea or concept that the divisions in society are visible and are the result of differential access to wealth and to capital. Some individuals have a lot and some have very little. Socio-economic class in education is the “capital that you have or do not have that directly effects” ones achievement in the schooling system and overall the imbalanced division of capitals has on society.
There are two main theories behind the idea of socioeconomic class – however one of them – the reproduction theory is a fairly pessimistic model. This theory states that where people start in life regarding their social class is untimely going to be where they will stay. Origins do determine destinations according to this reproduction theory. This theory declares that one’s educational achievement is the result of your family (capital resources). Family capital is the result of the class position that one belongs too. Therefore if one is in the lower of the class system then these ideas…

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