Society 's Expectations Of Social Norms Essay

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Society’s expectations of social norms often steer people’s behaviors and ways of living. If a person acts out against the norm they are expected to explain themselves for their outburst and seek redemption. In Albert Camus’ The Stranger, Mersault challenges the world’s expectation for a person to seek a redeeming life with his absurdist philosophy in which he believes that humans seek rational order where none exists. While Mersault feels conflicted over other’s judgement of him for lack of explanation over his absurd and out-of-the-norm actions, he simultaneously tries to prove to himself and to others that one does not need to rid themselves and apologize for their wrongdoings in order to feel accepted by the world. As Mersault ventures into the world with his absurdist views he feels conflicted over his worry of being an outsider as he refuses to mourn over his mother’s death and over his murder of an Arab man, but is ultimately led to peace with himself and humankind as he approaches his death, realizing that his past sins and wrongdoings do not lessen the value of his life. While Mersault’s actions are considered quite extreme in comparison to that of an average person’s, one can learn to find peace within themselves and within the world from Mersault’s teachings. Upon attending his mother’s funeral Mersault is disgusted by the possible vulnerability he will feel over facing his mother’s death. He shuts himself out to mourning but continues to question the validity of…

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