Society 's Expectations Of High School Students Essay

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She wakes up, books and notebooks covering her body, bed, and floor. She feels exhausted but her schedule for the day is as hectic as ever. She has three tests, two projects for her AP classes, basketball practice after school, and a club meeting for which she may not have time. Like many of today’s students, she is faced with the dilemma of opportunities mixed with multiple responsibilities. Society’s expectations of high school students have both positive and negative effects on students. The causes of these effects are high stakes testing, stressors, and sleep patterns.
Every school system has differing levels of testing they administer to their students, though it is often mandated through state regulations. Many schools are beginning to give high stakes tests to their student body. Teachers have varying degrees of agreement and disagreement with this type of testing. People who are against this testing have four common beliefs: it narrows the curriculum; it excludes topics that may not be on the tests; it reduces learning to the memorization of facts; and it devotes too much class time to preparation rather than learning (Mitchell, 2006). Mitchell (2006) continues to explain many teachers believe the pressure of testing affects the way they teach, they are teaching to the test instead of the curriculum. However, various teachers support the high stakes testing.
Studies have proven when test scores are linked to the measure of accountability among the student body,…

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