Socialization Of Girls And Their Society Essay

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Socialization of Girls
Girls are guided to become what their society deems as acceptable and not necessarily what they want to become (Currie, Kelly, & Pomerantz, 2007, p. 32). This is done through social structures, which are the rules of society and how they govern the culture (Ridgeway & Correll, 2004, p. 511). Gender norms fall under the purview of social structures and the normative gender beliefs serve as a framework for behavior and self-evaluations (Ridgeway & Correll, 2004, p. 512). Unfortunately, stereotypical beliefs are extensively common and not easily changed (Heilman, 2001, p.658). Non-adherence to social norms results in social repercussions. When women fail to comply with prescribed female attributes, they elicit negative reactions and are judged harshly for what is regarded as socially inappropriate behavior (Heilman, 2001, p. 661).
Gender Norms
Children learn and comprehend how society views gender and they tend to adopt these views as their own. Specifically, girls are to amass sex specific concepts and personality characteristics associated with being feminine (Crothers et al., 2009, p. 103). According to Eagly and Wood (1991), some of these feminine characteristics include being friendly, selfless, worried about others, and expressive with their emotions (p. 309). Sex role studies have even found that infants are expected to adhere to gendered roles. Female infants were counted upon, taught, and rewarded to be quieter and nicer than male…

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