Socialist Realism And The Soviet Union Essay

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The concept of Socialist Realism originated in the former USSR, and appeared as a result of the Communist party’s intention to control all aspects of cultural life in Russia and in other countries in the Soviet Union (Reyland, 2001). In 1932, the Communist party took total control over art and music and put demands and limitations on creative artists to produce works that displayed an imposed reality rather than abstract themes and subjects (Huseynova, 2016). Cooperation with the new government promised composers, writers, and painters the benefits of state protection. However, if the artists refused to adapt their views and creative works to the new ideology, they risked being condemned and punished by the government. Socialist realism had a great influence on cultural life and history of the Soviet Union and significantly affected the work of composers during the Soviet era.
Socialist Realism
Socialist realism greatly influenced the history of Russian music and art. It created an entire era during which “artists were not judged solely on their artistic achievements, but rather on how well those achievements matched the party 's agenda du jour” (Tirman, 2011, p. 2). What began as an attempt by the state to regulate art and music became a style of art and music that spanned 60 years in the Soviet Union. Though socialist realism became a state decree in 1932, its main ideas started to develop in the early years of the Russian Revolution (Smrz, 2003). In the early years of…

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