Socialism And Communism In Capitalism

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Socialism and Communism for skeptic Capitalists
Social and economic divisions, throughout history, have and will, lead to protests riots and revolution. Since Ancient Rome there have been class divisions and inequalities driven by the whips of Capitalism. However, the social welfare, political equality and classless society of socialism and communism are going to eliminate the differences and inequalities found in Capitalism. As a result, the final stage of human nature will be reached, bringing about an egalitarian society of true freedom.
Every great idea and invention has its opponents and skeptics. For Socialism and Communism these are generally Capitalists, or other members of a “free” democratic society. To them Socialism and Communism
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Labor unions, Government Health Care, and Minimum Wage are just a few examples of Socialism found in America. In 2014 about 35.7% of all public sector workers were members of labor unions; the majority of these people worked within or around the education system as teachers, librarians etc.(Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Socialism, to most Americans, is a concept that should be rejected and frowned upon. However, these same people would not be living such comfortable lives without all the advantages that Socialism brings to the table. Two of the most basic ideas of Socialism are improvements of labor conditions and minimum wages for all workers. All jobs involving manual labor have been through improvement of labor conditions since the Industrialization of America.
Sweden is a good example of an effective completely Socialist nation. Beginning during the 1900s Socialist Sweden has a higher overall standard of living and the lowest unemployment in the world at 2% of Sweden’s population being without a job.*(*. Sweden has about a 50% income tax; the income tax pays for government health care, and public works. Socialism has thrived in Sweden because of public acceptance. Once Socialism is accepted and adopted in America the next step can be taken towards egalitarian society through
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It creates a surplus and therefore lowering the overall price. At a first glance a lower overall price may not seem like such a bad thing; the Great Depression in America was directly caused by a vicious cycle of overproduction, inflation, and fear. The overproduction of goods led to a decline in price causing investors to spend large amounts of money on products that were losing market value. Out of fear of lost profits Capitalists produced more goods to make up for the lower prices, however this just lowered prices even more. The cycle that was created brought about the crash of the stock market as investors, finally realizing that their stocks were worth almost nothing, sold them all. Communism could have prevented all of this catastrophe. Production, in a Communist society, is dictated by needs of the community rather than the wants of the spenders. As a result, there have been several successful Communist countries in recent

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