Essay on Social Workers And The Social Work Field

1130 Words May 14th, 2016 null Page
Professionals go into the social work field because they have the passion to fight for another individual’s human rights and justice. It is often forgotten that every human being in the world has human rights, but no matter where you go, people are denied their human rights and considered disposable. In a world that has a vast amount of cultures and customs, it is pertinent that social workers become aware of the diversity that exists. Social workers are expected to be culturally competent, empathetic, and sensitive to those that might be different from themselves. Social workers serve as instruments to change the lives of people in mirco, meso, and macro settings. Social workers, especially those who are therapists or case managers, need to have a global perspective while working in the field. Social workers with a global perspectives will be able to empathize with their clients, learn new skills that can be applied in the field, and understand how one policy in one country can affect others. Thinking globally is an acceptable way to learn more about ourselves. As social workers, we need to understand that where we live and what has been instilled in our life has shaped the person we are today. Having a global perspective will benefit social workers that want to work one-on-one with individuals in understanding that not everyone has had the same experiences solely on the fact that an individual lives in the United States. As social workers, having a greater knowledge of…

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