Essay about Social Stigma Of Mental Illness

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She Enculturated to hold prejudice against individuals with mental illness. As a child, she often heard of her mother criticizing a young adult in her neighborhood who often hospitalized for his psychiatric illness, probably schizophrenia. When Erika and her mother saw him walking around, her mother strictly warned her not to get close to him. Around the same time, she was seeing a dentist in a hospital that consisted of two departments, dental and psychiatric. She already created images of mental illness as monstrous.
She has not Acculturated in psychological problems as she never discuss about mental illness with anyone. Or no one wanted to talk about their problems due to cultural stigma. Hence, she does not have a chance to talk about to her symptoms or questions about counseling. Her somatic expression of distress can be a typical Asians’ tendency caused by linguistic and emotional deficit and lack of psychological sophistication (Al-Issa, 1997). She does not know that her health insurance covers psychotherapy and pharmatherapy, some Japanese-speaking psychotherapists are available in New York area. However, it is questionable that Erika wants to see a Japanese doctor. While she might benefit to receive cultural sensitivity from the professional, she may feel anxious considering a small sized Japanese community. A receptionist could be her acquaintance. Her habitual thinking about the worse scenario furthers away from visiting a professional. She is more likely to…

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