Middle Class Reflection

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My family represented the lower middle class of the social hierarchy. Specifically, we were part of the working class of society. My mother worked as a nurse’s aide at Flushing Hospital for many years while my father worked as an attendant for a BP gas station in Fresh Meadows. Both working positions did not pay much. My mother was being paid 10 dollars and hour while my father was being paid 9 dollars an hour. The total income my mother and my father made was relatively low. In addition, the amount of wealth my family possessed was extremely low. My family was living on paycheck to paycheck. All of our income were used for bills, food, and, other living necessities. The primary source of income in which my family possessed was work wages.
Together, with my mother, my father, and my step brother, we lived as a family within an apartment building located on Colden Street in Flushing. The
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By becoming a medical assistant, my mother possessed a higher wage thus translating a higher income and a higher position in terms of social class. Our status changed from a lower middle class status into a middle class. This was due to how my mother received a wage of 17 dollars an hour. At the same time, there was a house for sale in another neighborhood 12 blocks away from Colden Street. The vacant house was located in a neighborhood that didn 't possess the features of the seemingly dangerous environment we previously inhabited. The timing of both opportunities occurring was divine and unreal. My mother had the desire to take advantage of the opportunity. As we achieved social mobility, we were able to live in an environment that met the new social status we possessed and the new social class we were apart of. Following the separation between my mother and my father, were able to improve our social class because of the promotion my mother

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