Social Security : Heart Of The New Deal Essay

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Social Security: Heart of the New Deal
On a historic day in Congress, August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. At the time, America’s economy was in shambles, which had led to an extremely high amount of unemployment rates and poverty throughout the country. Despite its goals and hopes to better the economy, it was not met without resistance. Many opposed the New Deal in favor of previously presented plans and many opposed for the belief that it was infringing on their freedom. This act’s endeavor towards providing relief, recovery, and reform to the American people was a mere reflection of the purpose of the New Deal as a whole.
Previous to the passing of this bill, similar welfare systems were presented. The first was an advertisement written by the President’s Organization on Unemployment Relief. It stated that American’s were eager to work, but simply lacked job opportunities. In order to allow those without a job opportunity to live outside of poverty, it was up to those who were lucky enough to have a job to contribute through local relief and welfare organizations. Secondly, was a speech given by Senator Huey Long expressing the new laws he planned to enact in order to restore strength in the American economy. Although these laws were not enacted, they still served as the foundation for thousands of Share Our Wealth Societies across America. Finally, the Townsend Plan was presented to the president. With a petition signed by…

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