Social Scientific Inquiry Is The Socio Cultural Aspect Of Human Anthropology

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Social Scientific Inquiry is the socio-cultural aspect of human biology including anthropology, economics, political science, law, sociology, criminal justice, and social psychology. This concept is important in a living community where everyone has to abide by certain regulation to coexist with each other. It is more so valid in high-populated city when there is many people share an environment with each other. You have to be able to observe and comprehend what others are doing in order to live in a civilize community.
The city Chicago, Illinois also known as the “Windy City” has experiences significant social changes within the city over a long period of time. From 2010-2016 there has been countless changes in this city alone. In 2011 Chicago voted in a new mayor by the name of Rahm Emanuel, he promised changes in community relation, mental health, police misconduct, and police shooting investigations.
Mayor Emanuel wants to improve community relations by enforcing officers to interact with young community members to help them actually understand the different cultures and issues that are involved in society. With this engagement between officer and young community members he hopes that trust can be built and the division between streets and police can be broken. Along with community relations he wants to improve the mental health aspect of policing.
During an arrest of a mentally ill person he wants to make sure his officers are properly trained in responding to a…

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