Social Robots : A Concept That Has Stirred Conversations And Concerns

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Social robots: a concept that that has stirred conversations and concerns. How could we expect the robots to understand, adapt and respond to millions of patterns that underpin the human environment? And yet there has been some success.
Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke, introduced to us ‘Relay’, which works in the hospitality sector to collect items from staff and carry them to the customers in their room. Relay essentially performs the mundane task of walking around which would have been otherwise performed by a human staff. With such a robot, people are able to spend their time performing more valued and complex tasks that demands human cognitive abilities.
As technology makes its leap from industrial robots to service robots; as robots move past navigation and manipulation to interaction; as the concerns of safety in pHRI are addressed through advanced cHRI measures, we may have opened new frontiers in robotic technology. It is to further understand the nature, challenges and opportunities in such assistive technologies that I wish to apply for Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on robotics and controls, an interest that spanned out from the intersection of my academic abilities and opportunities that came my way.
Georgia Tech’s Electrical Engineering program presented the perfect opportunity to understand and apply technology. This unrestricted program allowed me the liberty to choose classes in both Electrical and Computer Engineering, ranging…

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