Essay on Social Reforms Addressed By Progressives

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-There are several social reforms addressed by progressives. List two that you feel resulted in the greatest effects.

The most significant movement of the late 19th to 20th century was the progressive movement. Progressives came from literally every walk of life and all political parties. Several distinguished things defined progressivism. Concern over industrial effects and conditions, optimism for human nature, an entitled mindset to intervene in other’s lives, frequent calls to authority to enact their reforms, indentifying with Protestantism and the sciences, and the reach to effect the entire nation all distinctly defined the progressive movement. The progressives kick started many reforms, two of which were the prohibition movement and women’s rights. Both of these succeeded in becoming laws. Prohibition was part of the larger movement to purify society, and the Eighteenth Amendment put it into effect. However, it met strong resistance and was later repealed. The women’s suffrage and women’s rights movements held lasting effect, resulting in the right for women to vote. This movement was attractive to progressives because women, for the most part, embodied their beliefs and convictions. Progressivism was a profound movement that large impacts, then and now.

-Trace the movement that culminates in the 19th Amendment.

The Nineteenth Amendment was a culmination of movements leading up to 1920. These movements were spear headed by women with progressive…

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