Social Psychology Is A Diverse Subject With Many Interesting Parts

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Social Psychology is a diverse subject with many interesting parts. In this comparative study I delve into four facets of the Social Psychology subject. Using myself, and my friend Merrill I show how persons can relate with one another and have very different social situations. The subjects of attitude, interpersonal relationships, gender issues and attachment styles are used to create a comparison. Using two individuals of similar age, and social status to prove that all aspects of Social Psychology can be similar, but yet different.
Keywords: Attitude, interpersonal relationships, gender issues, attachment styles.

Merrill and I
My comparative study will allow me to show the similarities and differences with Social Psychology between myself, and another individual. I will use four components of Social Psychology to determine our differences, and similarities. Attitude, Interpersonal relationships, gender issues and attachment styles are the subjects I will elaborate on to compare myself to Merrill. To begin the comparison we first need to determine our dynamics gender, age, social situation, community role, and social status.
I am a 36 year old female who is active duty military and would say I am the middle class. I am a mother, and the predominate bread winner in my family. Merrill is one of my best friends I have known him for about 15 years, and we met while working at Red Lobster. Merrill is a 38 year old male, who just recently got out of the…

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