Social Problems Arise From The Views And Values Of The Society And Its Context

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Question 1

Social constructionists suggest that suggests social problems arise from the views and values of the society and its context. For example, murder is seen as wrong and is illegal in everyday life; however, when it comes to wars killing other people is seen as heroic and necessary. This is an example of how the social problem can change because a lot of the time it comes down to context. Another example is that not all actions seen as deviant are illegal. It is legal to get a tattoo or a facial piercing but some people would raise an eyebrow at that as a form of informal punishment. Informal punishment is anything that is stigma that is face-to-face rather than taking place in a court room. A court gets involved when the deviance involves breaking the law, which would lead to a formal punishment. Things in our society also change and go from being considered deviant to not being considered it at all. Being gay used to be a crime and was heavily stigmatised in Australia and was later considered a mental illness that needed to be fixed. Nowadays if you aren’t gay or bi yourself you are likely to know someone in your personal life who is. People who oppose it now receive stigma instead, which is an intriguing example of how our society can completely change its values. It is also suggested Sociologist John Hagn classified three different types of deviance: the severity of the social response (on one end murder, on the other a tattoo), the perceived harmfulness of it,…

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