Social Policy Essay

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1.1 Identify key historical landmarks in social welfare focusing on the period upto 1945.

During the period of 1900s to 1945s, there was various significant landmarks which focused on the social welfare of the people in the United Kingdom. The Uk government launched various welfare programmes through the social welfare provision, financial abet or social security which refers to a programme having the main objective is to provide a minimum level of the income to the people who don’t have financial support, employment and those who are elderly and disabled. Many researchers reveal that the rate of the poverty is high so the government had a responsibility towards the moral obligation of the people and those projects were
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This leaded to the “Fabian tradition and Beveridgean-Keynesianism as there was a requirement for the welfare in a high level of the intervention in the state.

The three main political ideologies since 1945 which impacted contemporary police are
The new Right,
The new right:
This was brought into the state for an individual freedom in the context of a competitive market economy that acted as the guarantor of the liberty of an individual.
It is an important political ideology which came into practice during the period between 1979-1990. Margaret Thatcher’s conservatism had an attempt to keep up a free market economy with focusing on the moral goals for an individual responsibility, eligible family and welfare dependence deprivation.
Both the new right and neo conservatism had contemporary social policies such as oil crisis, exchange rate, severe economic difficulties, increased taxation, high social spending. The government had a difficult situation to maintain the welfare level during the Post war period.
The third way:
It has a close connection with the arrival of the new labour under the Blair government in the early 1990s. This system tried to exceed the previous social democratic and New Right/ neoliberal understandings and went ahead the alternatives of ‘the state or ‘the market’ in order to hold the state and market. There was a

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