Social Media And Social Capital Essay

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Third Theme Technology continues to advance in this day in age and scholars have been testing its effects on the creation of social capital that can play a part in fostering democratic processes. While others, go as far as suggesting that social media is the cause of the decline in social capital, for more people opt to use their device as a platform for their associations rather than physically showing up or attending events. But academics still argue that physical attendance or interactions trump social media activities when it comes to building social capital and political participation. In order to shed some light to the questions that are raised, researchers, such as Homero Gil de Zuñiga ran a study on the use of social media for news and its possible positive relation to social capital and civic participation. For this case study, de Zuñiga uses a sample that was based on an online panel provided by the Media Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin where they made sure the respondents’ ages and gender will reflect an accurate representation (Gil de Zúñiga). Those participating in the study were also subsampled as they reported that they had social media accounts (475 in total). Then the variables explored in this study are social capital (share community values, talk about community problems, feel connected, feel connected and watch out for community members), civic participation (measuring the frequency of the respondent’s voluntary work for non-political…

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