Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As technology continues to expand, reaching and connecting more people each and every day, social media and society become inseparable. Society as a whole relies on social media to get through the day, from merely checking early morning emails, to video chatting with family across the country. This strong connection between society and social media increases interactions with others near and far, yet, points out the issues of trust, security, and privacy in relation to applications and websites used. Who has control over information posted through social media? Will companies stay true to their terms, conditions, and policy statements, or will they had over personal information to outside sources? Skype, a video and instant messaging application, attempts to keep the application safe and secure, however, sections within the privacy statement call into question privacy issues concerning the application’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and close relationship with third party affiliates.
Connecting hundreds of millions of users together over the Internet, Skype provides these users with video chatting, instant messaging, and phone conversations. Basic services such as two way video chatting, instant messaging, and recordings are free; however, more detailed and intricate services, such as phone calls and three (plus) way video chatting, come with a fee. Skype’s undertaking is to work together with its users and customers to get things done and to bring people together through a…

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