Social Media And Its Effects On Teens And Their Self Esteem Essay

2303 Words Dec 6th, 2016 10 Pages
Living in today’s technology-filled world there is a great amount in the rise of social media. Social media can have its benefits, but it affects a large amount of teenagers in a negative way. Being a teenager in this day and time, you are basically trying to prove yourself to people around the same age as you. Teenagers spend an excessive amount of time on social media. For generation people have always tried to do something to be accepted by others. Social media introduces one more environment where you have to be accepted by others. Social media can have negative effects on teens and their self-esteem and even their body image. Getting on Instagram daily and seeing what is portrayed as the perfect body by many people may feel like they need that for their popularity also. Social media requires you to develop a public image of self and a social media self. Whoever knew this selfie epidemic would take off and turn into something that people do daily. Selfie culture has evolved in this time because people have taken selfies to a new level. Taking selfies can help form a person’s self-appearance and that is okay until people cross the line and become narcissistic. Teens take pictures any and everywhere. There is so much time and anxiety being put in trying to take an actual selfie, but what truly makes the perfect selfie? Is it the lighting in the background or even the position they hold their phone? Many teens edit their pictures so they can make the picture pop and…

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