Social Inequality In The Missing Class

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Social Equality
God, glory, and gold are the 3G’s, and that is also the main reason why the Europeans originally came to America. Today, the 3G’s still stand, but not everyone is able to achieve them and especially the immigrants. In the early colonial days, immigrants were called upon. Today they are frond upon, and are getting threaten to be deported back to their origin country. In Framing Class, Vicarious Living, and Conspicuous Consumption, by Diana Kendall, and in The Missing Class, by Katherine S. Newman and Victor Tan Chen. Both of these excerpts go on to talk about how the media portrays a specific class only, and how many people are forgetting about the poor working class. Today media focuses on the rich and upper middle class. For
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She goes on to talk about how the media, mainly portrays the middle class because they are the ones who own televisions, and the only ones watching the shows. However, this not the case in today’s society. Kendall in her short excerpt states, “Television promoted the myth of the classless society” (Colombo, Cullen, and Lisa 332). When the poor working class watch television shows, they want to be like them and believe they have the same amount of money as the famous actors. So they would go out and buy unnecessary merchandise that is out of their price range. Therefore, many American’s do not believe in the existence of the different class system. However, there is a class system, but many people are unable to recognize the class system because the media does not portray the different class systems that are in existence. So to inform people about the class system, and specifically the poor working class the media must advertise the poor working class more. In addition, the main reason why television shows in the late 1900s focused on the middle class was because only middle class families had TV’s. However, today this is not the case. Today most families have at least one television in their house. This signifies how people still do not believe that the poor working class has enough money to buy television, which lead to the gap between the poor and rich. The same …show more content…
For instance, many would argue the story about Steve Jobs of how he was broke, and after sometime he is one of the most successful people in the world. However, this is a rare case. There are about 54 million people in the poor working class maybe there is about 1 million success stories. That is still only two percent of the poor working class. Also, in the short except Horation Alger by Haron L. Dalton. Dalton states, “All it takes to make it an America initiative, hard work, persistence and pluck” (Colombo, Cullen, and Lisa 276). This statement by Dalton is true about how hard work and persistence would bring out the best of people, and how the poor working class can become successful. However, the poor working class does not even get noticed. Then they also do not get any help from the government because they barely make more than the poverty line. On the other hand, the poor working class can barely save money, and have limited job opportunities because there are 54 million of them competing for the same types of jobs. Thus, if the poor working class has some social equality, than they can make some more money. As they get more money they can stabilize themselves, get a good job, and which leads to the decreases between the gap of the rich and poor working

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