Social Groups In The Outsiders

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“The Outsiders” Social Groups
Every group of people has a different way to show who they are and how they act. Some groups are different by where they hang out. Other groups show how they are different by how they act and dress. Although that is not the case for the Socs and the Greasers from “The Outsiders”. Each group either had an easy or hard time, but they both had a hard time at least once. “In the book Cherry says that both groups have a hard time(34.)” Initially I will tell you about the Greasers. Greasers were people that no one really liked. “Each Greaser was in a gang or most likely with other people.(1.)” People in a gang with the Greasers were considered family. Multiple individuals in the gangs had long greasy hair hence
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One similarity is that each group tried to act and look tuff. Tuff to them meant cool, sharp looking like a tuff looking car or a tuff record. At each of their homes they had a hard time. “None of the groups got by easy, each group had problems.(34.)” “At the Pony’s home he got told he needs to think more and do better.(51.)” “At Bob’s home he got spoiled so much. His parents never told him no they just gave him what he wanted.(116.)” To continue both groups had people who drank alcohol and got drunk quite often. “To clarify this Bob got drunk before he got killed, and Dally got drunk quite often.(117, 48.)” Along with both groups having people drink they also had a place they met. For Pony’s gang they either met in the parking lot, gas station or his house, but both groups hung out at the drive in movie theater. Although they have similarities they still despised each other. So sometimes they had rumbles where each group had an all out fight. Frequently each group had a member break a bone. Also during the story both gangs had at least one person die. “The Greasers had Johnny and Dally die, and from the Socs Bob died due to Jonny using self defence.(56,

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