Social Expectations In Society

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Why do humans always go along with social expectations? Social expectation is a standard behavior that is expected of individuals within the society. It affects people because people cannot truly be who they really are. Instead, they behave how society wants them to behave. A perfect example of social expectation is that society says it is acceptable for girls to wear boy’s clothes but it is not acceptable for boys to wear girl’s clothes. During Halloween, girls wear super heroes’ costumes and everybody thinks they are cute. How many times have you seen a boy wear a cheerleader costume? They don’t, and it’s either because their parents don’t let them or because they do not want to be made fun of. Social expectation can do more harm than good. …show more content…
On the other hand, It is beneficial to ignore social expectations when an individual cannot express her or himself freely. One example is a person with tattoos, some people believe that a person with tattoos should not be nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, or even a care giver. It sets a wrong example to the minors. They believe that people with tattoos are violent, aggressive, or trashy. That is what society has labeled tattooed individuals. Tattooed individuals express themselves freely and are not ashamed of their art. People that express themselves with tattoos, dyeing their hair purple or even wear mismatched clothes feel free, liberated from the …show more content…
Social expectation can also cause a lot harm in a mental psychological way. It causes a lot of stress, and individuals get depressed when they know that society wants them to act a certain way and they are incapable of pleasing society, either because they do not want to or they do not know how. They feel trapped in a box and it’s hard to come out. Some people have even committed suicide because they believe that society does not want them and that they do not fit in the society or because they do not have their friends or family support. It should not matter what society expects or thinks of someone, what should matter is how someone feels in their own

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