Social, Economic, and Political Differences between the Southern Chesapeake Colonies and the New England Colonies

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In the 1600’s, there started a migration to the new world by people of English origin. This migration first started in the south known as the Chesapeake region. Further along, as social, political, and economic events occur, this migration expands north to what would eventually be known as New England. Before the 1700’s, the two regions evolved into two distinct societies because of their differences as to making money and religious views. The Chesapeake region and New England differed socially in many ways. One way was because of the climate. In the south, it was hotter, so it was easier to develop and spread diseases amongst others. This affected the life span. Those diseases eventually killed people at an early age. In …show more content…
In New England Education was valued so much they passed a law (1647 Education Act) that stated every city had to have a public school for people to attend. Bothe regions were religious tolerant, but in the south region, they were only tolerant for any religion that believes in Jesus. That practically meant any religion that falls under or greatly related to Christianity. Another category of differences were Political. Chesapeake and New England had two totally different types of Government. The Chesapeake region was an aristocratic government. The people who ran the colonies were wealthy and white. Their mentality was on everything about money “… Those of us that has money, spare clothes, credit to give bills of payments, gold rings, for, or any such commodities, were ever welcome to [ purchase supplies.” (DOC.F) this is to indicate that the people of wealth had more and were in charge. Yet, the South’s government was so weak.” Virginia is intersected by so many vast rivers as makes more miles to defend than we have men of trust to defend them”. (DOC.G). This was written by Governor Berkeley and his counal on their inability to defend Virginia against a Dutch attack. He says how they have the “disability to…[engage in] war”(DOC.D) at the time. This proves that their government is weak. New England, on the other hand, has a governmental practice of Democracy. Everything is run by the

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