Social Disorganization In 12 Years A Slave

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The movie 12 Years a Slave Directed by Steve McQueen was based off a memoir of Solomon Northup during 1840, who once was a free man. Northup, being a free man living in Saratoga, New York with his family, was a gifted and talent violinist. Consequently, Northup was sold into slavery through, trickery and deceit by kidnappers, who sought Northup for hire to play the violinist. The epic long journey that Northup illustrates how he had to transformed into a slave to survive slavery. The engrained of slavery was a formed of a total institution that represent the American’s society during the antebellum years. The total institution of slavery illustrates the following concepts: social disorganization, (role and master) statuses, conformity, …show more content…
Suddenly Northup was thrust into slavery develop anomie according to Emily Durkheim, “ a loss of shared values and sense of purpose in society brought on by abrupt or rapid social change” (10). The name changing was the first part of grooming Platt for slavery because the new name took away his real identity. This concept was a form of social disorganization. Social disorganization is the fundamental basis of that “causes a breakdown in the traditional values and norms that serves a social control mechanism, which under normal circumstances, keep from engaging in nonconforming behavior” (10).
Now Northup, being disenfranchise of his high status in upstate New York is being placed into the lowest status of society a slave. Consequently, the slave owner is of higher status the master over the slave. His new name Platt represent his status in society which serves as constant reminder that he is not a free
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Platt consequently, wrestle with the concept of once a free man only through deceit was a slave. The remembrance of his family and friends before a slave made him so desperately, wanting to return to his family and friends in upstate New York. However, this notion pose a problem for the slave master. Platt remains a slave through obedience and out of fear. When opportunity arises, that Platt could be free who took it by the enlisting the help of a Quaker. The Quaker, religious beliefs oppose the ideology of slavery. The ideology of slavery, was the dehumanizing of people of color into unfair treatment of the institution of slavery. The institution of slavery was a sinister act that exploited people of color such as, what Northup experienced for twelve years. Although, Northup was subject to the harsh life of a slave of being beaten and deprived the rights as a free man; he quickly realizes having a low profile and doing what he was told he then could be safe from the whippings, for being

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