Essay on Social Deviance And Its Effects On Society

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Social deviance is a term that refers to negative forms of behavior such as crimes and qualities of a person that others in society devalue and discredit. Crimes have always been hard to measure however with the assistance of survey methods it has become easier to narrow down the types of crimes, it’s location, helps in distinguish the crimes occurred within a time frame, and it also helps to find the number of victims affected. The three main types of methods which assist criminologist in figuring patterns in society, the police, and the government in making new or reconstructing old laws/policies are the Uniform Crime Report Statistics, Self Report Surveys, and Victimization Surveys. Although these methods are great to measure crime, all these methods have both strenghths and weaknesses.

As mentioned in the textbook, Uniform Crime Report Statistics helps in building to official estimates within Canada, this then helps to track down the volume of crime such as the traditional, police-reported, as well as the crimes in severity index (Brym et al, 2016, p.172). Some of the benefits of having the UCRS is that it assists in bring decrease in commonly occurring events that are not as severe and gives them a higher importance (Brym et al, 2016, p.172). Other uses of having the UCRS is that it puts real crime data into a consumable format. For example, many people decide to live in a low-crime traffic area so these statistics help families choose and see where the safest parts…

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