Social Deviance And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Social deviance changes from day to day, place to place, and time to time. Every type of society or culture generates their own set of cultural norms or rules that individuals within that population must abide by. That being said, the individuals in a given society might be able to partake and express themselves in a manner which is viewed as normal that might be greatly offensive or obscene just a county or state away. This proves that there is no possible explanation of how deviance could be determined by the biological side of things due to the face that every culture changes in its belief system, so one common rule is asinine. This illustrates one out of the two social foundations of deviance that will be discussed by John Macionis in the text book Society The Basics. Macionis says that “deviance varies according to cultural norms and that no thought or action is inherently deviant initially, rather it is only deviant in relation to particular norms.”(Macionis 2015:201) Multiple examples are brought to light under this subheading such as “Juneau, Alaska permits the right of bringing a flamingo into a barbershop, while parts of Alabama have banned high heeled stiletto shoes.”(Macionis 2015:201) Society The Basics goes onto to say that “ people become deviant as others define them that way.”(Macionis 2015:201) This in essence means that every person at some point violate cultural norms in the society. An example of this would be situations such as some asking a person…

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