Social Determinant Of Health Essay

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The purpose of this report is to discuss the role of gender power dynamics in shaping the social determinants of health. Currently, men and women are not considered equal in economic, legal and social rights around the world. Women tend to be worse off and as a result suffer more and lead to poorer health than men. Taking measures to reduce and address these inequalities in health by emphasizing on Women’s rights is effective in ensuring that there is a shared allocation of health resources between both genders.
A developed country such as Canada still faces these problems and proves to be existent in all economies. According to the World Economic Forum, Canada now ranks 30th in an annual global ranking of gender equality behind countries such as Rwanda, Philippines and South Africa
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Women are increasingly more prone to HIV infection than men. According to UNAIDS, in east and southern Africa there are 430000 new infections every year among 15-24 year age category with a higher percentage of those being women (UNAIDS 2013).

In our patriarchal societies, women are expected to conform to males and as a result accept more pain and discomfort with social pressures to bear children from a young age. Men can decide whether to use a condom or not. Furthermore, women receive physical abuse if they report a positive HIV test and most likely would avoid being tested. This emphasizes on the lack of knowledge about rights and bodies that may help them in coping in such social systems. In some regions, women may not be able to afford treatment as a result of less education and settle for lower paid and informal jobs, this reflects a lack of economic empowerment and career

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