Social Cognition Theory Case Study

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1. What is “social cognition theory”? Why is it relevant to the issues associated with diversity?
Social cognition theory states that we learn behaviors, knowledge, and standards by observation from others and we imitate what we see, which helps identify us. Due to people getting positive reinforcement from these “right” behaviors, they start to become the right way. Our behaviors/ standards come from interacting with others, observing them, our experiences with others as well as media influence us as well.
Marketing uses this as a tool. When someone that is young sees someone they look up to with an item/product, then that child wants it as well. This can be seen when companies use celebrities to introduce their products and endorse them,
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Especially with healthcare. People that have lower income and education will find it more difficult to find health information. This can be seen with the USA where drugs are constantly being marketed towards people for them to go out and buy certain drugs so that it will help them. A lot of the time it is not true and gives people a false hope. This is achieved by making people believe everyone is doing it and that it makes others happy. When combined with the USA model for drug distribution where doctors prescribe drugs a lot more freely because that is what the patient wants, then people get to use those drugs without knowing the consequences of any side effects. There are also issues when it comes to new drugs that still need to be tested in the long run due to there being uncertainties, but what people want is what they get. Therefore reinforcing their idea of want and instant …show more content…
It provides a clear future goal and it outlines the expectations of where the company is going and how. Since 1998 when the company was founded it has been following its mission/vision statements, allowing it to gain to its current position as one of the most valuable brands. Its mission statement defines the strategies that the business is going to take, such as research and development of new products/services. The vision statement drives the organization to new heights through rapid innovation. Google’s vision statement is to: “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” The popular product is its service which is their search engine. It allows people to access information easily with as little hassle as possible. The service it provides is something that is simple and easy to access therefore making people’s lives better and easier. This can definitely be seen with their culture where they are always trying to create new products and services to make not only their lives easier, but their customers as well. Google might have to change its both its vision statement and mission statement due to the variety of products the company offers. It offers many products that it did not offer before, such as Google Fiber and their Google

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