Social Class, Money, Social Relationships, And Attitude, Affect Happiness

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Though it has a history stretching back thousands of years, the discussion on what causes happiness has not subsided, but increased. Throughout the next few paragraphs, this essay will discuss to what extent the factors: social class, money, social relationships, and attitude, affect happiness. This essay will begin by discussing how a person’s financial status contributes to their happiness. Next, it will discuss the affect that an individual’s social class has on their happiness through inequality with others. It will then turn to consider whether the individual’s social relationships have a greater affect than that of social class. Finally, this essay will discuss the factor of a person’s attitude, and whether it could be the focal determining factor in the pursuit of happiness. This essay will argue that research seems to indicate that an individual’s social relationships and overall attitude have a far greater affect on the happiness of an individual than a person’s social class or financial status.

When most people think of happiness, the first thing that comes to their mind is money, but in reality, money has a limited and sometimes negative affect on happiness. Karham (2010) reported that a Gallop poll revealed that incomes above $60,000 a year did not increase an individual’s happiness, but that their happiness did decrease with incomes below that amount. This appears to indicate money has a limited affect on happiness and that surplus money does not increase…

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