Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work Essay example

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Schools are very important for students. In school, we can learn a lot of things, but students need the right teachers and the material to be successful in life and for a better education. Jean Anyon in “Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum of Work” shows that in some schools they don’t have the right teachers or material because of the economy or the neighborhood the schools are located. Also low-income people do not get the same education as people with a good economy. As I can see the paper “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” by Jean Anyon were written twenty years ago and schools still having the same problems now in days. Jean Anyon says beginning the paragraph that “It’s not a surprise that schools in wealthy communities are better than those in poor communities, or that they better prepare their students for desirable jobs.” The point of this essay I think is there are schools that are not prepared or students do not get the same education the same way. Jean Anyon says there are different types of schools level as: working class schools which are the schools that do not have a prepare teachers that do not explain how to do the assignments or how it connects to other homework. “In math, work is also carrying out often unexplained fragmented procedures. For example, one of the teachers led the children through a series of steps to make a 1-inch grid on their paper without telling them that they were making a 1-inch grid or that it would be used to study…

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