Social Change Civil Rights Essay

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Reaction Essay
September 4, 2003

*Eyes on the Prize*

The Civil Rights Movement was an influential period of social turmoil. Vast social changes occurred not only for the African Americans striving for equality, but for our nation as a whole, as many new ideologies were shaped, formed, and fashioned. The film "Eyes on the Prize" exemplifies the revolutionary amends brought on from this era. In the case of Brown versus Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled school segregation to be unconstitutional. This landmark case was a stepping stone in the long fought struggle for equal rights. Following the ruling many issues were left unsettled resulting in immeasurable violence, riots, and mobs. However, the main social
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Yet the monumental change was societal as Meredith, like the "Little Rock 9", acted as a symbol moving people from all walks of life. Long-term change is a vital aspect of the Civil Rights Movement. For hundreds of years African Americans have been oppressed in the United States, being demoralized as slaves and subjugated as second-class citizens. A temporary or short-term change would be obtuse, as inequality would eventually continue. A revolution was sought and needed, particularly in the South, to substitute the norm of seeing African Americans as being inferior, to recognizing them on an equivalent level. The task of achieving change at this magnitude is quite difficult as many southerners believed that integrating was against the Bible. Because of these opposite ideologies, the rate of change would seemingly be viewed as gradually continuing, taking place over a number of years or decades. Nevertheless, during the movement radical activists probably sought change at a short-term rate. The Civil Rights Movement not only achieved equality for African Americans but also brought upon change in our system of government, our laws, and most importantly our values, beliefs and morals. The changes brought about during the movement have had a colossal influence on our country today, and will continue to in our future.

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