Social Biases Paper

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Social Biases George T. Jackson Psych/555 Social Psychology October 24, 2011 Diana Dobier

Social Biases A social bias is a prejudice attitude aimed at a particular race, culture, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation. People with limited vision often form negative opinions toward a group of people without knowing who they are. People have to be careful with the thought process because it can lead him or her to make a judgmental statement toward an individual, or a group of individuals, without the person realizing that the statement or comment was prejudicial. In this paper the concept of social biases,
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Blatant bias is a result of direct conflict over tangible resources (Fiske, 2010). When an individual displays blatant biases he, or she is favoring one group over another, by causing physical, mental, and emotional pain on the target of his or her discontent.

Impact of Bias on the Lives of Individuals Biases can have either a negative or positive impact in the lives of people. When an individual is told that he or she will never amount to anything or that he or she will never be able to escape the pains of the past, then he or she can use those negative remarks as the motivating factor to rise above his or her situation. By becoming the very thing people said he or she will never become. People often use labels, categories, and stereotypes, when defining others. People have made inappropriate jokes, negative comments about other individuals and try to justify the behavior, by saying, “I mean no disrespect, or I am not trying to offend anyone.” When they have offended someone, and disrespected themselves by making the statement. Biases happen too often and assumptions about individuals, or a group of individuals by people who have limited knowledge about the ethnic group or the cultural background. Another way that biases can impact an individual’s life is by destroying

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