Social And Political Society By Omid Payrow Shabani And Monique Deveaux, Immanuel Kant And John Stuart Mill

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Freedom is a concept that cannot be mutually defined by all. This is because of the various aspects that impact one perception on what freedom is and how it should be achieved. Through the text Introduction to Social and Political Society by Omid Payrow Shabani and Monique Deveaux, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill provide their unique philosophies on the concept on freedom and liberty. Kant stands behind positive liberty and advocates that the government can act as an institutionalized version of the best parts of ourselves meaning that freedom does not mean an absence of government but one that helps everyone become more reasonable. Mill, on the other hand, supports negative freedom and believes that the state should only intervene when one’s free will causes harm to others. Through looking further into Kant and Mill’s perspectives regarding the importance of liberty and government, it becomes clear that a matter of such great relevance to society can be interpreted in entirely opposing ways. Depending on one’s understanding of freedom, they will envision a different form of government or in this case, social contract. Government plays a very crucial role in the concept of freedom as government’s have power over society. Kant believes in a central form of government that can allow individuals to pursue to interests. In other words, Kant feels that government is necessary to ensure that others do not interfere with one’s interests and chance of pursuing then. Kant…

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