`` So Far As I And My People Are Concerned The South Is Fascist Now And Always Has Been

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In This article written by Constante González Groba entitled, “So Far as I and My People Are Concerned the South Is Fascist Now and Always Has Been”: Carson McCullers and the Racial Problem,” Constante discusses how Carson McCullers’ writing involves themes of race and gender. She further defines the racial problem by the use of characters in her novels. McCullers’ themes encompass the need for black people and women to declare themselves, or keep to themselves. She also writes about the awareness white people have of African American persecution. Furthermore, Carson stresses the blame whites feel. Carson is from the south, but does not live there. McCullers feels a strong connection to the south, although she does not agree with its beliefs. McCullers writes mostly about race and gender in her novels. Race and gender can be further categorized as, African Americans and women. Her female characters are not considered normal, and do not reflect how the south choices the view women. Carson lived near cotton mill workers, and felt a strong sense of sympathy for them. In her auto biography, McCullers writes about witnessing the poor treatment of her childhood cook. The cook was refused a ride due to being black, and McCullers saw this as dehumanizing a person with the use of words.
Even so, McCullers is not black. She, however, is praised for writing about African Americans as if she is one herself. In The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Doctor copeland is a character who is…

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