Snow White Is A Favorite For Many Children Essay

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Essay 1
The story of Snow White is a favorite for many children and even some adults. This famous tale is enjoyed by many people, and also entails some very important life lessons. When I first watched the movie Snow White when I was younger, I did not realize the underlying meaning to it. However, I still managed to enjoy it and create a bond with the character Snow White. As a child, I would dress up as Snow White, and tell everyone that I lived with dwarfs being my siblings. As I grew older and matured, I started to see the moral of the story. Not only did it make me enjoy the movie more, but even made me decide that Snow White was one of my favorite childhood movies because it taught me to appreciate who you are and all that you have.
The story all begins with a beautiful girl named Snow White, who is dealing with her father remarrying. With this arrangement came along a cruel and wicked stepmother who wants nothing but to be the most beautiful woman in all of the kingdom. After asking her magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, she quickly finds the answer in which it is Snow White. The wicked stepmother is now full with rage and orders a huntsman to kill Snow White in the forest and to bring her heart back. However, he does not follow the orders of his queen. He sets Snow White free, and returns to her a deer heart. After roaming the woods, Snow White stumbles upon a cottage, in which she thinks to be vacant. She makes herself at home, and when she…

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