Smoke Signals And The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Essay examples

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In Sherman Alexie’s works “Smoke Signals” and The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven and Flight, all demonstrate how a parents’ abandonment can cause a destructive aftermath on their child. The main characters in each story blame their fathers for all the tribulations that they had to go through in their lives. Only the truth of their fathers’ abandonment will allow them to accept their anger and grief and give them the capability to move on with their lives. In the story Flight, Zits’ father abandons him and his mom, on the day he was born. Zits grew to hate his father for abandoning them that day at the hospital. His anger towards his father grew when his mother died of cancer, and he blamed his dad for making his mom sad which caused her to get cancer and die, as expressed in the quote, “I think she missed my father so much that it killed her. I think her sadness caused her cancer. I think her grief grew those tumors” (Pg.109). He felt anger towards his father for abandoning him, and he wanted revenge for what he did, so he shot up a bank, and ended up getting himself shot in the process. He then finds himself traveling through time into different people’s bodies and each body he falls into he learns something new that opens his eyes up more to the truth. When Zits leaps into the last body he was shocked and thoughtless when he looked at himself in a mirror and saw his father, “And what should I do now that I am looking into the mirror at the face of a man who…

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